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Animated Video for Business

Animation video for business is an ideal solution for company who are struggling to deliver their message, mission, brand awareness and customer engagement.

Cost effective animated video that will convey your information and can be as short as a 30 seconds video to a 3 minutes explanatory video

Why Do I Need a Video?

An animation video for your business can INCREASE website rankings, brand exposure, conversion and click-through rate.

Receive 10% off on your first explainer video!

A video can help increase your Google rankings by 53%

Increase click-through rate and conversion with a video

A video will increase brand awareness and share video content

Here at Tazmo Studio, we are committed to helping you in the following:

  1. Accomplish your goals in a way that other methods of communication do not
  2. Help you promote or market your business through excellent explanatory videos
  3. Help clarify your business objectives

Videos are worth a million words and with our top quality explainer videos, all these videos can be spoken and sum up in just few minutes. The clarification levels of our videos are noteworthy and our videos are also created with conversational style that is simple and easy to understand for clients.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos Melbourne

Consider us here at Tazmo Studio as your fresh and trendy video production company in Melbourne. Look no further when it comes to high quality explainer videos in Melbourne. Explanatory videos is what we do best, we worked with clients in Australia and in the U.K.

What is Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are fun and short videos that usually range between two to three minutes long. These videos can also be shorter or longer than the usual range depending on the topic or how long individuals need to get their messages across.

Choosing Best Video Explainer Companies for Amazing Explainer Videos for your Business

Are you looking for simple get engaging and impactful explainer videos? We got you covered! We are one of the leading video explainer companies that do not just focus on creating appealing videos but also videos that clearly deliver your message.

We fully understand the reasons why you choose to use explainer videos Melbourne for your business. Our company is here to back you up in everything. We will expertly work on the contents, feel, and look and tone of explainer videos so that these will leave your audience informed and engaged and at the same time getting the results you want


We Have What it Takes to Deliver Unmatched Explainer Videos!

As one of the leading explainer video companies, we are certain that we have what it takes to deliver unmatched video explainers videos for our clients. We are a top rated company specializing on explainer videos and we adhere to our main goal and that is revealing the full potential of every idea, product or company that we got to work on with.

We are Composed of Expert Team

Our expert team knows exactly what to do in every situation to ensure that even the simplest message can be understood through explainer videos and that it connects with the targeted customers. Our talented team are highly capable of creating explainer videos that clearly tells the story of clients and videos that exceeds their expectations.

Nimal Taz – Lead Animator & Motion Artist

Nep Thach – Project Management


$1000 for the first minute. $150 per additional 15 second blocks.


AU $1300

I just need a video done

  • 90 Second Animation
  • Additional 15 sec Animation – $150
  • Turnaround time 5 Weeks
  • Rounds of Changes 1
  • Storyboard
  • Sound Effect
  • Voice Over

Our Bronze badge are tailored for businesses who are after a video content on a budget.
Really basic animation that will tell your story in an engaging way.


AU $3500



  • 90 Second Animation
  • Additional 15 sec Animation – $300
  • Turnaround time in 3 weeks
  • Rounds of Changes x3
  • Storyboards
  • Sound Effects
  • Voice Over
  • 2 x Style Frames
  • Written Script
  • Music
  • In Person Briefing
  • Weekly Meetings